Former Penguins Player Says Sidney Crosby Would Rather Try to Win a Stanley Cup Than Have Sex

Stephen Douglas
Sidney Crosby and Tyler Kennedy
Sidney Crosby and Tyler Kennedy / Nick Laham/Getty Images

Tyler Kennedy, the former Pittsbrugh Penguins' center, went on Pittsburgh's 93.7 The Fan on Thursday. Kennedy, who retired in 2016, was asked about the NHL and NBA restarts. Like an reasonable person, he has his doubts. He also took the opportunity to slip in a classic HOCKEYMAN shot at the NBA.

Of course, Stephen A. Smith is the one who questioned whether or not NBA players would be able to go without sex for months. No players have yet come out and said anything in public. And players will be able to bring in family members after a couple weeks. But still, the temptation to point out how much more hockey players want to win than any other athlete was just too great for Kennedy.

Kennedy played with Crosby on the Penguins from 2007 to 2013, winning a Cup with Crosby in 2009. Crosby and the Penguins went on to win two more championships in '16 and '17. The circumstances of Crosby's sex life during any of those title runs is not publicly known.