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Si Woo Kim Forced to Putt With a 3-Wood After Snapping His Putter in Frustration

Ryan Phillips
The Masters - Round Two
The Masters - Round Two / Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Si Woo Kim is 4 under par at the Masters and tied in fourth place after a sparkling round of 69 on Saturday. But you'd be forgiven if things looked a little odd when he was on the course late in the afternoon. That's because he was forced to putt with his 3-wood on the final four holes after he broke his putter in frustration.

After a three-putt on the 14th hole that left him with a bogey, Kim did this:

Well that's not good. He was spotted on the green at the par-5 15th looking like this:

Here he is on the 16th:

Yeah, that's a 3-wood and it's definitely not his normal putting stance. He snapped his putter and was using a wood to get around the greens at the Masters. The crazy part? It worked!

Kim made par on 15, 16, 17 and 18 to maintain his 3-under for the afternoon. Each hole featured a two-putt, and helped him remain in the hunt headed into the weekend. It would be a crazy story if he ended up winning this thing.

Let this be a lesson to everyone: treat your putter like the delicate flower it is.