Shohei Ohtani Continues to Do Superhuman Things

Kyle Koster
Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Last Sunday night Shohei Ohtani delivered a pitch at 101 mph and hit a dinger with an exit velocity of 115 mph, which was the strongest Biggest Kid in Little League energy we've seen in the Majors for a long time. The Los Angeles Angels secured the young phenom's services after a high-stakes bidding war and through three seasons have seen both his limitless potential and his very real limits as injuries have derailed what could be a spectacular story.

But Ohtani is only 23 years-old. And if he's able to contribute in both facets of the game, there's an argument to be made that he's the most valuable roster piece that's existed in the wild this century. Even if his pitching performances are the cherry on top, he can still be relied on to hit the ever-loving Dickens (Do people still say that? Did they every say that?) out of the ball.

Witness his double last night in Kansas City, which fled the bat at 119 mph.

What must that feel like off of the lumber? Does it feel like anything? Does it feel like freaking Big Bang come to life under batting gloves?

Sadly, none of us will ever know. And if you can hit the ball as hard as any person on the planet, well, I guess I'm honored you're reading this blog.

The Angels are out of the gates at 7-3, which is the best record in the American League. Ohtani has three doubles, two triples, and three homers for an OPS north of 1.1. It'd be a hell of a thing if he were able to showcase his special skill set for a full six months and then in the postseason. A very bright future is still bright.