Shoeless LeBron James Dances on Court, Utah Jazz Announcers Need Fainting Couch

Kyle Koster
LeBron James, dancing like no one was watching.
LeBron James, dancing like no one was watching. /

The Los Angeles Lakers destroyed the Utah Jazz last night in Salt Lake City and it was an extremely busy night for LeBron James' feet. First he got away with one of the funniest uncalled traveling violations you'll ever see. Then, with the game salted away, the 34-year-old showcased the energy of a much younger man by wandering away from the L.A. bench to cut a rug on the floor while shoeless.

Utah's broadcast team did not enjoy it. The Lakers broadcast team instead chose to focus on the fact James had signed his shoes and given them away to some kids. All of life is a Rorschach Test, people. One person's intense selfishness is another's kindness.

Like a CNN primetime show, I'll reluctantly give you both sides here. James' actions have no real impact on anything and don't really deserve to be treated as an affront to decent society. It'd also be perfectly fine if he didn't run out onto the court like it was the end of an And-1 exhibition. No one needs to do that.

The real interesting element in all of this is the idea that a kind act allows a person to break rules -- real or unwritten -- in the future with immunity. Do gas stations allow shirtless, shoeless customers if they give away those items to those less fortunate in the parking lot? Can those recipients then keep their footwear on during TSA screening because they were gifted the sneakers?

It's all unclear, mostly because I was too lazy to go to law school.