Sharknado 2 is Filming Scenes at Citi Field, Apparently

By Mike Cardillo

Sharknado 2, the hotly anticipated sequel to the widely-popular (on Twitter anyways) Sharknado, is using New York instead of the beach for as the backdrop for its shark-nadoing this time around. It looks like some of scenes for the tv-movie are being shot, where else, but Citi Field home of the New York Mets.

Thunder Levin — the appropriately-named writer of the movie — posted these photos on Twitter Wednesday. No word yet if Mr. Met will have a love scene with Tara Reid.

Let’s see … meme-friendly SyFy movie and the team some refer to as the “LOLMets.” There are literally zero jokes to be made here None. Zip. Zilnch. Nada.

However consider this: if David Wright ends up winning this dopey “Face of MLB” contest, coupled with Sharknado 2 filming, the Mets high-water mark for 2014 will probably be achieved in February. Great job!

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