Shaq Used Statistics To Prove He Doesn't Have Beef With Kobe Bryant

Stephen Douglas

Shaquille O'Neal went on the Dan Patrick Show this morning where he kind of confirmed that he has no beef with Kobe Bryant after yesterday’s Internet dust-up. Asked by Patrick if this was normal for Shaq and Kobe he responded, “Of course.” So that settles that, right!?

Not so fast my friend.

Patrick pressed Shaq just a bit and rather than just move on because there really are no hard feelings, Shaq did a bit. He requested that Andrew Perloff  (McLovin’) read his stats during his Lakers tenure. After hearing his point and rebound averages each season, he would ask if any power forward or center did more.

Even if Shaq never lead the league in rebounding, the answer is universally, no.

Still, this has nothing to do with Kobe’s assertion that Shaq didn’t work hard sometimes.

Despite the tweets that Kobe and Shaq are cool, despite the public denials, I just don’t buy it. I just don’t see these two sitting down together and smiling for a 30 for 30.