Shaq Threatened To Knock Charles Barkley Out And Ernie Johnson Almost Died Laughing

Ryan Phillips

Shaq and Barkley are at it again, and God bless them for it. Forget “Game of Thrones,” the best show on television is “Inside the NBA.” There’s no question about it.

Tuesday night, Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley got into one of their weekly fights over something stupid, and the entire show went off the rails in glorious fashion.

The fellas were doing a timed segment where they all got to make a point, but Barkley kept talking, taking up all of Shaq’s time. O’Neal wasn’t happy.

Here’s what happened next:

The fact that Shaq is pissed, while Ernie JohnsonKenny Smith and Barkley are all dying laughing is just so funny. Then this line from Shaq made Ernie Johnson absolutely lose it:

"“It’s supposed to be one, two, three, not one, two, back to one.”"

It was so perfect. Ernie couldn’t even catch his breath he was laughing so hard. He had to leave the table at one point.

He even did this:

The show is just consistently brilliant on a nightly basis.