Shaq Sends Shirtless Picture to Stephen A. Smith on 'First Take'


Shaq took some time out of his Thursday to appear on First Take with Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Molly Querim Rose. Things predictably got out of hand quickly.

It started when Shaq was asked a question that appeared to be a mid-roll ad read of some kind about Novex Biotech. That's what it takes to get a TNT employee on an ESPN show, I guess. Shaq mentioned his abs and the pursuit of perfection. Stephen A. scoffed at the idea that Shaq, with his age rapidly approaching the half-century mark, has a six-pack underneath his polo.

Shaq took affront and decided the best way to prove it would be to send a picture to Stephen A.'s phone. He then urged the ESPN host to show the world what he sent.

This was a segment that could have gone all sorts of wrong, but everything turned out fine.

Not much more to say here. I simply felt if I had to watch this, so do you. Shaq's got a wicked nice bathroom, though.