Shaq Has Now Literally Picked His Nose During an NBA on TNT Broadcast

Shaq picking his nose on national television.
Shaq picking his nose on national television. /

Another Tuesday night NBA on TNT broadcast, another Shaquille O'Neal thing. While going through Lakers-Kings highlights, Candace Parker alerted Shaq to the presence of a large booger on his face. Using his smartphone's camera, Shaq located the booger and removed it. This caused great amusement and horror on the set of the live television program.

Yes, there was a follow-up segment on the booger removal. Yes, TNT then uploaded all booger-related clips to Twitter.

This is... unsurprising. It's like something someone would say as a joke about things Shaq does on TNT's NBA broadcasts. What more can be said? Where does he go from here? It's fall asleep or sit on a whoopie cushion, right?