Shaq Was Late to 'Inside the NBA's First Pregame Show Since March

Liam McKeone
'Inside the NBA' minus one big man
'Inside the NBA' minus one big man /

The return of NBA basketball in full form tonight also means the return of our beloved Inside the NBA. The crew was supposed to get together at 5 p.m. ET today to preview Thursday evening's slate, featuring the Pelicans vs. Jazz and Lakers vs. Clippers.

I say "supposed to" because there was one notable figure missing from the set when the show began. Shaq was late. To his first real day of work in four months.

Never before have I related more to a seven-foot, 300-pound former basketball player. It's Murphy's Law. If he was late to any of the Inside the NBA specials held over the last four months, hey, whatever. But this is the real deal! And he was late. The guys really let him have it, too.

It doesn't seem like this is a grand joke where Shaq then makes a ridiculous entrance to match his outsized personality. Andrew Marchand confirms this. He was ... stuck in traffic.

Again: Relatable content here!

A hilarious start to the NBA restart. So happy these guys are back.