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Rising Gas Prices Means Revisiting Shaq's Tips For Saving at the Pump

Stephen Douglas
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Kenny Smith was thinking about buying a new vehicle back in 2018, but was worried about the cost of gas. Luckily, Shaquille O'Neal had a tip to save so that Kenny wouldn't break the bank at the gas pump. The only problem was that it didn't actually save money. Being in the content business, TNT made them take the conversation to the set where the world was introduced to Shaq Math. Three years later, with gas prices soaring, the clip is making the rounds again.

The problem: Kenny Smith doesn't want to spend $80 on a tank of gas.

The solution: Wait until the tank is half-empty and you won't have to spend $80.

Four years later, it remains unclear whether Shaq was being facetious or serious. The part where he repeated seems to imply that $20 is half of $80 is worrisome, but he might just be joking. He is technically correct that $20 is less than $80 so you might not feel as shocked by the sticker price. Maybe it's time for the Inside the NBA crew to revisit this discussion.