Shaq is a Stevie Wonder Vision Truther With His Own Eyewitness Account

Stephen Douglas
2011 NBA All-Star Game - Performances And Celebrities
2011 NBA All-Star Game - Performances And Celebrities / Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Stevie Wonder can see. The latest person to put forward this conspiracy theory is Shaquille O'Neal, who made the case on last night's edition of Inside the NBA. He is the second celebrity this week to share a story about Wonder not being blind. Lionel Richie shared his own story earlier this week. Here's Shaq's...

Back when Deadspin existed, Greg Howard did a deep dive into the conspiracy and rounded up as much evidence as then existed on the Internet, including testimonials from Bomani Jones and this video of Wonder catching a microphone during a performance at the White House.

As far as conspiracy theories go, Steve Wonder can see is an all-timer with some good evidence in favor of. The only question is why? Until Shaq or Bomani or Stevie can tell me why, then I'm not buying it.