Shaq Made Rookie Goran Dragic Carry Around a Broken Keyboard All Season in Phoenix

Liam McKeone
Shaq and Rasheed Wallace
Shaq and Rasheed Wallace / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It's easy to forget, but Shaq was on the Phoenix Suns for a hot second after his time in Miami ran out. He didn't really end up doing much, given it was the tail end of his career, but there are orange Phoenix Shaquille O'Neal jerseys out there in the universe.

Goran Dragic was a rookie in 2009, Shaq's last season in Phoenix. He went on Adrian Wojnarowski's podcast to talk about what that was like, and it was exactly what you would think from a known lover of fun at the expense of others like Shaq.

Now that's some good rookie hazing. I get why hazing is now very much uncool, and most of the time it's glorified bullying. But this is inconveniencing a rookie, for an entire season, with the premise that Shaq played the keyboard-- but it was broken the whole time. Hilarious.

I wonder if Shaq will do something similar to any new cast members TNT might add to Inside The NBA over the next few years, like, say, one Vince Carter. Obviously there's not nearly as much travel involved, but I'm sure he could find something menial for the new guy to do and cackle about it in between shots at Charles Barkley.

Honestly, I'd love to get hazed by Shaq for a day. TNT, think you could hook me up? It would be great content. Just think about it.

Anyway. Great story. Basketball locker rooms sound like lots of fun.