Shaq: The Golden State Warriors Are NBA Championship Favorites

Ryan Phillips
Golden State Warriors v Charlotte Hornets
Golden State Warriors v Charlotte Hornets / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

We're less than 20 percent through the 2021-22 NBA season and we've already got a major media figure declaring a favorite to win the title. On Tuesday night, Shaquille O'Neal said the Golden State Warriors are his pick to win the championship.

Stephen Curry and the Warriors have jumped out to a blistering 11-2 start, which is the best in the league. Curry has looked like an MVP so far, the team's supporting pieces are stepping up and Klay Thompson hasn't even returned yet. Second-year center James Wiseman hasn't played yet either. When those two come back, the Warriors will be even better.

Here's what Shaq had to say:

It's hard to argue with him given what we've seen so far this season. Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole have been fantastic, and the bench has been bolstered by the additions of sharpshooters Otto Porter Jr. and Nemanja Bjelica. The Warriors are deeper than we've seen them in a few years and are playing like a team on a mission.

There's a lot of season left, but right now it looks like everyone is chasing the Warriors.