'Inside the NBA' Quizzed Shaq on NBA Player Names and He Did Not Do Well

Shaquille O'Neal didn't know the name of one of his own players.
Shaquille O'Neal didn't know the name of one of his own players. /

Inside the NBA unveiled a new game last night called, "Shaq's First Name Game." The point of the game was to prove that Shaquille O'Neal, who is paid handsomely to be an expert on the NBA, doesn't know the players in the NBA. It's a strange game to play and then present it is a hilarious thing, but I guess Inside the NBA is just built different.

Shaq did not know the first names of Malik Monk, Richaun Holmes, Immanuel Quickley, and Mitchell Robinson. He got Desmond Bane after looking at his lap for 10 seconds. Presumably there's a tablet embedded in that desk. Because how else would be know a rookie from TCU playing in Memphis?

Richaun Holmes however... This is his sixth season in the NBA and his second season in Sacramento. Shaq has been a minority owner of the Kings since 2013.

Earlier this month Shaq also forgot Pascal Siakam's first name, which could have been the inspiration for this game.

This is why some people might accuse certain people on this show of not actually watching basketball. Maybe it's best to look at Inside the NBA as a sports entertainment show. After all, TNT does know drama.