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Shaq Did Not Wear Pants For His Final Turner Broadcast of the NBA Season

Stephen Douglas
Shaq /

Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Smith appeared on NBATV's NBA Finals coverage last night. They did so remotely, in what was their final appearance of the season as the series shifts to Milwaukee. Basically, it was the last day of school for the Inside the NBA crew and upon hearing that, they both celebrated. Of course Shaq wasn't wearing pants.

It's pretty common knowledge by now that on-camera personalities sometimes forgo pants when doing television. Especially, when broadcasting from the comfort of their own home.

Still, it's a perfect exclamation point for Shaq to put on a season in which he: could not identify NBA players, including players on a team he owns; picked his nose;annoyed Donovan Mitchell; and constantly frustrated Candace Parker. It really was the ultimate Shaq season.