Shaq Compares Kevin Durant to an Architect Who Wants to Buy a New House

2022 Governors Ball Music Festival - Day 2
2022 Governors Ball Music Festival - Day 2 / Taylor Hill/GettyImages

Shaquille O'Neal appeared on The Rich Eisen Show on Tuesday. After remembering the great Bill Russell, Eisen asked Shaq for his thoughts about the Kevin Durant situation. O'Neal said that the Boston Celtics should not trade Jaylen Brown for Durant under any circumstances and then explained why Durant should want to stay in Brooklyn.

"When you put a house together you should live in it. You was the one who hired the architect. You was the one who got the other architect from Philadelphia, so, you as the leader should make it work. If you don't want to make it work I guess you go buy another house so. I know he's probably going to try to get to a contender. It's easier that way."

This is a perplexing analogy because, well, people build houses and then move to other houses quite frequently. Presumably, Shaq, who is quite rich and has played in six different cities professionally, did just that multiple times.

Not that it matters. He's trying to have his own bus driver moment. He thinks Durant should stick it out and try to make it work in Brooklyn. Lie in the bed you made in the house that the architects designed for you as it were. Can't wait to hear what Durant has to say about Shaq's house.