Shaq Struggled to Hold It Together After Charles Barkley Said He's Juggling Balls

Shaq /

The Inside The NBA crew was up to their usual shenanigans last night as Shaq damn near had a conniption onscreen after Charles Barkley stumbled into an innuendo. During halftime of the Denver Nuggets-Minnesota Timberwolves game, Barkley attempted to explain two separate but related opinions he had by saying he was "juggling two balls" at the moment. While the camera was focused on him the audio could pick up Shaq's initial scoff before Ernie Johnson chimed in with "Is that what you're doing?"

Barkley, to his credit, soldiered on and continued to give basketball analysis while the camera panned to Shaq literally facepalming as he attempted to hold it togeher.

Nothing quite like some dudes laughing about balls at halftime. Playoff basketball, baby. We're back!