Shaq Makes Surprise Guest Appearance in Random Woman's TikTok Dance Video While Leaving Applebee's

Stephen Douglas
Shaqlebee's? /

Shaquille O'Neal is like the NBA's version of Bill Murray. He shows up in random places, makes a quick and lasting impression on strangers, and disappears into the night. He recently paid for a stranger's engagement ring and another person's furniture. Then, he ate at an Applebee's and exited at the exact moment a woman was doing a TikTok dance in front of the restaurant.

Being Shaq, he immediately joined in the dance.

Now, if this is viral marketing, well done. However, Applebee's seems to be one of the very few companies that Shaq doesn't actually have an endorsement deal with. So this is just Shaq being Shaq, brightening someone's day and promoting a product, even if it was on accident.