Shaq Was Lied to About Padding Before He Went Through a Table on AEW

Stephen Douglas

Shaquille O'Neal made his AEW debut in the spring as part of a tag team match with Jade Cargill against Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet. Shaq's team won the match while NBA Hall of Famer pretended to be out on the floor after Rhodes put him through a table like he was at a Buffalo Bills tailgate.

It was a wonderful moment for wrestling fans and QT Marshall, who trained Shaq for the match, recently told DigitalSpy how he lied to him in the lead up to the event.

"He said something about maybe going through some tables and I told him, 'Oh it won't be that bad, we'll put a really thick pad underneath,' which was not true. I just didn't want him to back out of it. 

"So it was a lot of fun, as soon as he came in the back, right away, he said, 'You lied to me! There was no pad under there!' That's wrestling ,welcome to wrestling." 

Kind of makes you wonder what they tell guys who aren't one of the highest paid people for their broadcast partner, right? This seems incredible messed up. To lie to a non-wrestler about safety percautions and then brush it off as "that's wrestling," seems like one of those things that explains why wrestling is known for destroying athletes.