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Shannon Sharpe Claims He Would've Elbowed Trash-Talking Celtics Fans

Liam McKeone
Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless
Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless /

Kyrie Irving's interactions with Boston Celtics fans is justone of the many ingredients that make Celtics-Nets such a delectable matchup. And it may be the spiciest. The general sports-viewing population loves nothing more than conflict between player and fanbase, especially when the player "embraces the dark side," as Irving aptly put it yesterday. Boston fans do not like Kyrie and Kyrie does not like Boston fans, so the two sides will do battle on live TV for at least one more game and hopefully more.

Shannon Sharpe talked about Irving's response to Celtics fans on this morning's edition of Undisputed and explained how he would've dealt with them: by diving into the stands, elbows flying everywhere, to ensure nobody talks trash.

Alright, man. It's never that serious. Some Celtics fans probably crossed some lines, because fans always do eventually, but launching oneself into the stands with the intention of injuring anybody in the way is kind of an insane way to deal with it.

Besides, like Sharpe said, every possession matters. Rather doubtful his teammates would agree to literally throw away a possession so he can feel like he silenced the haters.