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Shannon Sharpe in a Skip Bayless Mask? Now That's Scary

Kyle Koster

Skip Bayless in some ways treats every day as Halloween with a steadfast commitment to staying in character. His Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe only has a few days per year when he can really sink into a bit. Halloween certainly qualifies and it's the reason he showed up to set today with a Bayless mask. Let me be more specific: a very convincing and unsettling creepy Bayless mask. So now Skip gets to look at himself for two hours. In reality, more of a Halloween present for the Dallas Cowboys and sports-shouting enthusiasts.

It would be a shame if that thing ended up in the trash at the end of the day. Because it belongs either in a television museum or with a little skipper who dreams of growing up and being just like the man on TV who needles LeBron James. Someone with deep pockets is surely willing to do whatever it takes to secure the now-historical artifact.