Shannon Sharpe: Patrick Mahomes Must Be Protected at All Costs

Kyle Koster
Indianapolis Colts vs Kansas City Chiefs
Indianapolis Colts vs Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/Getty Images

The world-beating Kansas City Chiefs have looked quite beatable the past two weeks. They needed a late comeback against the Detroit Lions and, last night, were blown off the ball by the Indianapolis Colts. There is serious cause for concern because it's a hell of a lot better to play the New England Patriots at Arrowhead than it is in Foxboro.

Patrick Mahomes, who threw for 50 touchdowns last year and had posted 10 this season in his first three contests, has all of one touchdown since. He still does several things that makes a person appreciate his greatness throughout the game, but it's clear his supporting cast is letting him down.

On this morning's episode of Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe pointed out the fairly obvious but clearly true fact that Mahomes simply can't do it all himself.

The Chiefs are 25th in the NFL in rushing yards/game and 81 of their 443 total rushing yards have come from Mahomes. So in addition to utilizing his golden right arm, he must help establish the run with his legs. We all knew Kareem Hunts did not grow on trees, but his absence is striking.

Andy Reid has a long track record of solving offensive problems. It feels crazy to say it, but Kansas City may have a burgeoning one on its hands. Strange times.