Shannon Sharpe Drops F-Bomb During 'Undisputed'

Liam McKeone
Whoops /

Shannon Sharpe had a slip-up on today's episode of Undisputed while talking to Skip Bayless about the Los Angeles Clippers. While in the midst of a monologue, Sharpe dropped an f-bomb. He reacted immediately and acknowledged that he had just cursed before moving on. Skip Bayless was entirely unfazed.

While the f-bomb is the star of this clip it's pretty funny all-around. What the hell are they even talking about? We said the Clippers above because that's what the chryon said but it could be anything considering Sharpe was talking about fried chicken and chocolate. And Bayless' reaction suggests he was almost certainly not listening to a single thing Sharpe was saying. He was too unfazed. Such a clear curse would elicit some kind of reaction from anyone paying attention.

This is why we watch.