Shannon Sharpe: Drew Brees Should Probably Retire

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

The Drew Brees backlash came with surprising force. And though it will subside as those close to him forgive and forget, things are still quite hot today. Shannon Sharpe offered up some kerosene this morning on Undisputed.

After making a string of excellent points, with all understandable passion, Sharpe concluded that Brees should "probably just go ahead and retire."

Sharpe argues that Brees' teammates will never look at him the same way and that he can't regain the eroded respect. That is on the possibility spectrum, but we've seen a shift toward accepting the contrition in the hours since this on-air comment.

In the real world, Brees won't consider hanging his cleats up -- even for a moment. He'll still be the most popular athlete in New Orleans' history on opening night. If his support has dipped a bit or legacy ruined are questions for the mid- and long-term, not in the months leading up to September.