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Shaheen Holloway Won 1996 McDonald's All-American MVP Over Kobe Bryant

Liam McKeone
Shaheen Holloway
Shaheen Holloway / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

Shaheen Holloway's meteoric rise culminated in an Elite 8 appearance for St. Peter's and an instant promotion to head coach of Seton Hall. Holloway's alma mater wasted absolutely zero time in bringing him aboard and introduced him at a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

It seems like a good time to take a quick peek into Holloway's past. Over two decades ago, Holloway was considered one of the best high school basketball prospects in the country. As many great high school basketball players are, Holloway was invited to participate in the annual McDonald's All-American game.

Holloway balled out. Not only did he ball out, he won MVP. Which was probably a big surprise to those watching, considering one of his teammates was the one and only Kobe Bryant.

Holloway recorded seven points, eight assists, and an absurd six steals to take home the honors. Kobe had 13 points and three assists.

Holloway wasn't playing with a group of kids never to be heard from again, either. Mike Bibby was on the other side. Holloway's teammates included Kobe, Jermaine O'Neal, Richard Hamilton, and Stephen Jackson. He stood out above all those future NBA stars for one shining moment.

A cool little fact. And one Holloway absolutely has in the back of his mind, ready to be deployed at any second. A go-to for the fun fact icebreaker game, I'm sure.