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Sha'Carri Richardson Went on the TODAY Show to Discuss Her Positive Drug Test

Stephen Douglas
Sha'Carri Richardson at the US Olympic Trials.
Sha'Carri Richardson at the US Olympic Trials. / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Sha'Carri Richardson may miss the Olympics following a positive drug test for marijuana. Richardson, who ran a 10.86 second 100-meter sprint, won the event at the U.S. Olympic Trials and was expected to compete for a gold medal in Tokyo. A contrite, disappointed Richardson appeared on The TODAY Show this morning to discuss the news.

Richardson, 21, basically told Savannah Guthrie she was dealing with some stuff, but wasn't going to make excuses. As Guthrie pointed out, Richardson failed her drug test in Oregon, where marijuana is legal. The problem is the World Anti-Doping Agency says she can't have THC in her system, which again, Richardson understands.

It's one of those situations where you can feel bad for Richardson because she's missing out on her Olympic dream because of an antiquated marijuana stance, but she broke the rules so ... what can you do?

If there is any silver lining it's that due to the timing of the positive test, she could still be eligible to run in the 4x100m relay.