Seth Greenberg Says Coach K Will Have Trouble Letting Go of Duke's Final Four Loss to North Carolina

Stephen Douglas
North Carolina v Duke
North Carolina v Duke / Tom Pennington/GettyImages

The North Carolina Tarheels beat the Duke Blue Devils in the Final Four on Saturday night. It was the final game of Mike Krzyzewski's historic coaching career and the second time in a month that Duke was eliminated by their biggest rival. According to ESPN's Seth Greenberg, these losses are going to weigh heavily on the mind of Coach K for a long time.

"Coach K is going to wake up Wednesday morning and go, 'alright, what's my why?' So he's going to have all this time to look back and he's not going to think about the championships, the Olympic gold medals, the players whose lives he's impacted, it's going to go back to, quite honestly, the last game at Cameron and that last game in the semifinals against North Carolina. This one's going to be hard to let go."

For Duke fans, this is a somber idea. That their beloved Coach K, who yelled at them during his retirement ceremony after the first loss to North Carolina, will not be able to fully enjoy his retirement. For everyone else though... You hate to see it.