Seth Davis Might Be a "Prude," But He Doesn't Want His Sons Watching "Homoerotic" UFC


"Looking on news sites showing picture of two muscular bloody men in homoerotic fighting pose….Sorry, I’ll never get this UFC thing. "

— Seth Davis (@SethDavisHoops) November

"Maybe I’m a prude on this but I’m also a dad. I don’t mind my sons watching boxing, but I wouldn’t want them watching a UFC bout. — "

Seth Davis (@SethDavisHoops) November 18

Seth Davis, a college basketball writer for Sports Illustrated and NCAA analyst for CBS Sports, doesn’t like mixed martial arts. It’s bloody and homoerotic and he certainly wouldn’t want his sons watching it. Davis prefers wholesome athletic competitions like college basketball and boxing.

I just hope no one shows Davis this entire portion of the Sports Illustrated website dedicated to this homoerotic activity. Or tells him that CBS Sports has a partnership with Otherwise a prude like Seth Davis might have to block his employers’ websites on his sons’ computers. Until then, he can proudly allow his boys to watch boxing where they can learn the proper way for men to touch other men. No homo.