Seth Davis, Clark Kellogg and Wally Szczerbiak's Dancing Horrified Greg Gumbel

Wally Szczerbiak, Clark Kellogg, Seth Davis dancing
Wally Szczerbiak, Clark Kellogg, Seth Davis dancing /

Greg Gumbel was shook, right along with the rest of America. During halftime of Villanova's matchup with North Texas, video rolled of Gumbel's three co-hosts on CBS' studio dancing along with the animated, breakdancing robots we've seen all week.

I can't really explain this with typing, you just need to watch it:

That shot of Gumbel after they came back to him live was absolutely perfect.

Yeah, that one. In that moment, he was all of us.

The animated break dancers have gotten a harsh reaction on social media, mostly because the vast majority of fans don't really know what the point of them is. They're so bad they're mildly entertaining.