Sergio Garcia Melts Down, Can't Wait to Leave PGA Tour

Sergio Garcia, Wells Fargo Championship - Round One
Sergio Garcia, Wells Fargo Championship - Round One / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

Sergio Garcia had an absolute meltdown on Thursday during the first round of the Wells Fargo Championship. During his freakout on a rules official, Garcia exclaimed that he, "Can't wait to leave this tour." An implication that he'll be joining the LIV Golf Invitational Series.

Garcia drove his tee shot on the 10th hole into a hazard, and was frustrated that a PGA Tour rules official assessed him a penalty for taking too much time while trying to find his ball. Players are allowed three minutes to find errant balls, but Garcia argued that his time had begun before he was actually looking for it. Then the freakout began.

Here's what happened:

Yep, that's a guy having a bad day.

For what it's worth, the PGA Tour later made a statement that Garcia's search time clock should have been paused because, "Garcia spent a considerable amount of time trying to access the other side of the creek." That doesn't really help him though because his score can't be changed.