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Sergio Garcia Drains 15-Foot Birdie With Eyes Closed

Brian Giuffra
Sergio Garcia at The PLAYERS Championship.
Sergio Garcia at The PLAYERS Championship. / Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

If you've followed golf over the last two decades, you know the one thing holding Sergio Garcia back from being an all-time great is his putting. Long a source of torment for the Spaniard, except annoyingly at the Ryder Cup, Garcia has changed his putting grip at least four times in his career, going from conventional to cross-handed to claw and now back to conventional.

At The Players Championship today, Garcia brought a new element to the greens. After lining up a 14-foot, 7-inch birdie putt on the Par-5 second hole, Garcia appeared to close his eye just as he began his putting back swing. Halfway through, he opened his eyes again. The putt went in the hole.

This isn't the first time we've seen Garcia employ this technique. When this first was noticed last October, Garcia said he's been putting with his eyes closed for years, including when he won his only major at the Masters.

Other players have also tried this technique to free up their body to simply make a proper stroke. It's nevertheless shocking when you see a pro golfer do it during a tournament. Especially one they're leading, which Garcia currently is at The Players.

Hey, if it works it works, right? Whatever it takes to get the ball in the hole.