Senator Kyrsten Sinema Puts a Little Mustard on Her No Vote

Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, perhaps in an accidental homage to Marie Antoinette, brought cake into the Senate chamber on Friday. Her office said it was for overworked staffers. But even if that's true, it would seem to be an entirely avoidable mistake to conjure up images of cake-eating while actively standing in the way of economic relief for the proletariat, though there are plenty of examples of people in high power who didn't pay much attention in history classes growing up.

Nothing goes with cake like mustard, so it makes sense that she put a little on her NO vote in regards to a federal minimum wage amendment brought to the floor by Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Sinema was one of eight Democrats to vote against the amendment, which failed. And I'll be straight with you: the ins and outs and what-have-yous of the legislation are not something I have at the ready. What I do know is that it's baffling how bad of a choice it is to gleefully deny millions of people a chance at a better life.

Congress has become almost entirely a performative stage, so how is it possible to get the optics this wrong? If a primary challenger doesn't simply run this on a loop for 60 seconds twice during every commercial break, they'll be missing an enormous opportunity.