Self-Proclaimed Tough Guy Baker Mayfield Should Either Fight Hue Jackson Or Let It Go

By Tully Corcoran

Baker Mayfield has presented himself as a tough guy.  So assuming he isn’t a giant phony, the time has come for him to either fight Hue Jackson or let this sophomoric beef go.

It remains unclear to the public what, exactly, Mayfield’s problem with Jackson is. All we really know is that Jackson was the coach of the Browns earlier this year, got fired, and took a job as an assistant for the Bengals.


Here’s Mayfield being all tough after staring down Jackson the other day.

"“I don’t get why people have a problem with football being a competitive sport,” Mayfield said Wednesday as the Browns (7-7-1) prepared for their season finale in Baltimore. “You’re supposed to play with emotion. You’re supposed to play with passion. Quite honestly, if you don’t like it, whatever."

The problem, though, is that staring down a middle-aged man while you’re wearing armor and in full view of the nation is not tough at all. It’s pretty much the opposite of that. It’s passive-aggressive, juvenile and phony.

I’m not advocating violence here, but if Mayfield would like for us all to think of him as a tough guy, he should at some point demonstrate that, or maybe just leave Hue Jackson alone.

Enough with the pose.