Seinfeld Today: Jerry and Keith Hernandez Still Friends

Kyle Koster
New York Yankees at New York Mets
New York Yankees at New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

When Vulture ranked all 169 Seinfeld episodes, The Boyfriend floundered way down at 114. This seemed very wrong at the time and, with some rewatching, is borderline criminal. Screencrush ranked the hour just outside the Top 10, which is also a bit ridiculous. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

The JFK bit was fantastic. Keith Hernandez, though one of the most memorable celebrity guest stars of the series, felt a bit gimmicky. But I digress.

Hernandez and the real Jerry Seinfeld are still connected by their connection to the New York Mets and happened to be at the same table during last night's Baseball Writers' Awards dinner.

This photo is pure Generation X catnip. A reminder of a simpler time when relationships were gauged by a willingness to drive each other to the airport -- something that's gone out the window with the proliferation of ride-sharing apps.

Thankfully, security was on the lookout for Roger McDowell. Things could have gotten ugly.