'Seinfeld' Mashup With Hit Songs From Its Era Will Satisfy All Your Nostalgic Needs


The Seinfeld Chronicles debuted 32 years ago yesterday and went on to have 180 total episodes under its shorter name from 1989-1998. It remains the greatest sitcom to ever air on television. If you'll allow me to go full Andy Rooney here, it's becoming increasingly difficult to catch a repeat on commercial television — a bit of serendipity to be savored.

Thankfully, the courageous content creators of the Internet are always on-demand, toiling away to make premium material to heat up and melt some of the day away. Like this over on the Seinfeld Current Day YouTube page. It's the memorable brunch jazzy riff that served as the series' theme mashed together with hit songs from the era.

That a person could envision such and idea and have the determination to see it through execution is yet another reminder of the omnipresent if not bizarre beauty in life's every corner.

For a bonus thought on the Cosmo Kramer character: I was going through and deciding which of Jerry's group of friends would be into which artists featured in this montage and ended up in a challenging place. There's absolutely no way to even venture a guess on Kramer's musical proclivities. Seems like he'd either love them all, from Nirvana to TLC or dislike them all equally. No middle ground either way.