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See If You Can Make Out What Nick Saban Is Yelling Here

Kyle Koster
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The juggernaut that is Alabama came out hot in Gainesville, collecting 21 of the game's first 24 points against the Florida Gators. Such is Saturday for college football fans who, at this point are left to conclude the Crimson Tide are playing in their own level just below the professional ranks. Notorious perfectionist Nick Saban was not completely thrilled with his No. 1-ranked side's showing and his frustrations manifested in the below outburst.

It's difficult to guess what he may have been saying. One would need to be a trained lip-reader to hazard an informed guess. We haven't seen Saban this worked up since that especially testy commercial shoot with the Aflac duck. Or perhaps when Mercer came into Tuscaloosa and found the end zone twice last week.

Remember, whatever it was .... it can be whatever you want it to be.