Security Chases Fan Through CBS Sports Set Following USA-Mexico Soccer Match

Kyle Koster

The USMNT defeated rival Mexico, 3-2, in extra time to capture the CONCACAF Nations League final in front of a particularly unruly and problematic audience in Denver. A program win for the hosts was marred by ornery fan behavior, which manifested in pitch-invading, bottle-tossing, and anti-gay chants.

Things were also wild farther away from the action. CBS Sports' on-site set, perched upon the concourse, proved to be anything but a safe space postgame as an obstinate fan crashed through the separating partition in an attempt to avoid security.

The panel of Kate Abdo, Clint Dempsey, Charlie Davies and Oguchi Onyewu was the picture of poise, apologizing for and laughing off the incident, which clearly could have turned uglier. Although, if you're going to have someone on set to dispatch any riff-raff that floats in trying to cause problems, you can do a lot worse than Dempsey.

This appears to be an unusual case because the unauthorized visitor didn't have any intention of being on national television and was simply trying to run away from security and a previous incident. And then had the misfortune of taking a bit of a tumble off the ledge onto some unforgiving seats below. Not even enough on-screen time to earn an IMDB credit.