The Seattle Kraken is the Internet's New NHL Team

Paris Street Graffiti
Paris Street Graffiti / Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

The NHL announced -- sorry, released -- their newest expansion team name on Thursday. Meet the Seattle Kraken. The name and logos were almost universally praised on Twitter, which is something that hasn't happened since Taylor Swift announced a new album a few hours earlier.

The biggest issue people seemed to have was that the secondary logo maybe should have been the primary and I have to agree. The anchor with the Space Needle is just beautiful. The colors are white and some blues and it's generally difficult to mess up the color blue so that was easy enough.

Now we wait to see if they go with a lifelike Kraken mascot that will terrify people the way that the New Orleans Pelican does, or a fun fluffy Kraken like whatever Gritty is. The team will debut in 2021.