Season Two of 'The Boys' Looks Even More Twisted

Liam McKeone
The Boys Season 2
The Boys Season 2 /

The first season of Amazon Prime's The Boys was, for lack of a better phrase, an insane ride. Blood, guts, and sadism galore in a dystopian future where superheroes are corporate and double as supervillains. It was frigging awesome.

Season two is slated to release on September 4, and Amazon released the final trailer today. It looks even grimier and more brutal than the first season (NSFW language if you're stumbling upon this show for the first time).

We got everything we wanted here. Billy Butcher inexplicably covered in blood from head to toe? Check. Frenchie being Frenchie? Check. Hughie looking beleaguered and whining about Billy's plans? Check. Homelander's extremely strange mommy fetish? Also check.

I cannot wait. With the introduction of superheroes into the military, the writers will give us a scathing commentary on the military-industrial complex, the power of Big Business, and the shady, backdoor dealings the government has with everyone. It will also come with the usual handful of absolutely gut-wrenching scenes of evil people in power ruining the lives of those beneath them. The airplane sequence from season one still haunts my dreams.

In other words, my butt will be the couch on September 4, and by September 5 I'll be equal parts angry, horrified, and depressed. Can't wait!