Sean Payton Wants a Three-Person Replay Booth

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints / Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints have been the catalyst of change when it comes to the NFL replay system. A blown call that essentially sunk their Super Bowl hopes led directly to the new pass interference replay system this year that has been a point of much controversy and very little actual change.

The Saints were on the bad end of yet another questionable call on Sunday when Ron Rivera successfully challenged a pass interference no-call that gave the Panthers another four downs in the red zone around the two-minute warning. Sean Payton was displeased, and voiced that displeasure after the game. On Monday, Payton suggested the NFL alter their current replay review system and spread the decision-making around by leaving the call up to three people, as opposed to just one like the current system.

Payton points out that there isn't only one Supreme Court Justice, but insisted he wasn't suggesting replay review by committee; he merely believes that it would be beneficial to provide more voices to help the final decision-maker see all viewpoints.

Payton probably isn't wrong, but this isn't a Supreme Court, it's just football. Like with pass interference replay as a whole, it seems like a rather slippery slope. If the NFL introduced this, how long until someone calls for four people in the booth, or five?

I don't know if there's a solution to this problem, but adding more cooks in the kitchen doesn't seem like it'll contribute to finding that solution.