Sean Payton Openly Discusses How He Would Get New Job on 'Fox NFL Kickoff'

Liam McKeone
Sean Payton
Sean Payton /

Fox Sports has a rather unusual situation on their hands as Sunday's slate of Week 18 games commence. They have Sean Payton on their roster, but the former head coach is currently exploring opportunities for a new gig. Which would, obviously, result in him leaving Fox Sports. Instead of pretending it's not happening, Fox took an interesting left turn on today's show and had Payton discuss his job opportunities while explaining his contract situation with the New Orleans Saints.

He even got a little resume bubble on the right side of the screen like they do when they have a guest analyst.

Good on Fox for ignoring the rumors and instead leaning into it, which makes a pretty interesting segment for the many fans who are not deep into the weeds of the NFL rumor world. Payton admitting he talked with the Denver Broncos ownership already might be a bit problematic since in-person interviews cannot commence until January 17 but he didn't call it an interview so everyone is probably in the clear.

Certainly a unique segment that probably will not be seen again anytime soon.