Sean McVay Has a Portrait of Roger Goodell on the Wall of His Draft Room

Sean McVay in the Rams' Malibu draft house
Sean McVay in the Rams' Malibu draft house /

You learn a lot about teams and their coaches during the NFL Draft and we had another big reveal Friday night. Sean McVay was ensconced in the Los Angeles Rams' Malibu draft house and his choice of wall art drew comments.

When ESPN's cameras checked in on McVay, a portrait of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was clearly visible on his wall:

Yeah, Sean, that's weird buddy. Look, I like your manic energy and the insane memory you possess, but that's an insane move.

I get that the Rams were likely having some fun with the house they rented for the draft, but still. Do something fun with that wall. A picture of Goodell is about the least "fun" thing you could put up there. I mean, at least put a clown nose on him or something.

The Rams didn't have a first-round pick in this year's draft after they sent it to the Jaguars in exchange for Jalen Ramsey. Their first pick came in the second round at No. 57, where they selected Louisville wide receiver Tutu Atwell.