Sean McVay on Matthew Stafford: "Dude's a bad MF-er"

Matthew Stafford
Matthew Stafford / Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Matthew Stafford was traded to the Los Angeles Rams a few months ago. While he hasn't won a Super Bowl yet, he has made quite an impression on his coach. Speaking to Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer, Sean McVay had this to say about his new quarterback:

"Bro, this dude’s a bad MF-er,” he said, laughing. “Whatever people say about him, as good as it can be, he’s even better than advertised. It makes sense to him. The guy’s ability to see the game, his ability to draw on his experiences, the feel that he has, it’s pretty special and unique. And man, his feel for people, his authentic way of connecting with his teammates, his coaches, this guy, it’s great being around him.”

What we really need to know is if he said "bad MF-er" or Breer decided that's how he would put it in print. These are the details that need to be included. Generally, when you call someone a Bad MF-er after a vacation together, something interesting happened.

Stafford now has some very high praise to live up to. The UFC briefly had an unofficial "BMF" belt, but that appears to be dormant, so maybe he can bring that to the Rams. And everyone knows that Jules' wallet in Pulp Fiction said, well, Bad MF-er, so that's an obvious holiday gift for anyone who has to shop for him.