Sean McVay Body Double Seen Following Rams Coach on Sidelines

Stephen Douglas
Sean McVay and friends.
Sean McVay and friends. / Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Sean McVay has a stunt double. There is currently a very McVay-ish person following the Rams coach around on the sidelines during the preseason. Last night the Internet got a pretty good look at the two McVays.

According to The Rams Wire, the McVay lookalike shadowing the Rams head coach on the sideline during games is LA's new strength and conditioning coach, Zach Witherspoon. He was previously with New Mexico State, but he and McVay were clearly destined to work together. Let's hope the pair's next move is to grow matching ponytails before the end of the season as a tribute to Brock Lesnar.

You may recall that a previous strength and conditioning coach was McVay's Get Back Coach. That did not end well. Hopefully this does.