Sean Hannity Showed Dana White His Training Montage

Stephen Douglas

UFC president Dana White appeared on Sean Hannity's show on FOX News on Monday night. White was there to talk about reopening sports in America and Hannity used the opportunity to have White break down his sparring "highlights."

At this point slipping Dana White your training videos is the equivalent of giving Dr. Dre your mix tape. He probably does not have time for this and you're not very good anyway. Hannity's producers then ran the clips while White told Hannity how great it is that people train, without ever actually commenting on the contents of Hannity's video. In the end, I think everyone involved was satisfied.

While White gets plenty of submissions to consider, it's unclear what percentage show the fighter in a backwards hat learning to disarm a gunman at extremely close range. As for the striking, Hannity would probably make a good fight for Stephen A. Smith.