Sean Hannity Wonders Aloud if Pennsylvania Will Have a Do-Over Election

Kyle Koster
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

It's a time to see things on television or online and test your humanity by seeing if, even after all this, something can strike you as unusual or bizarre. That it's still happening in extreme cases is probably a good sign that some norms are holding firm and there's some toothpaste left in the tube.

Sean Hannity giving voice to the idea of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania voters getting a "do over" sometime in the near future qualifies. For me, personally. Because it's a presidential election, not a bang-bang play in a backyard Wiffle Ball game.

For quick context, Joe Biden is rapidly closing President Donald Trump's lead in the state as mail-in ballots are being counted. The incumbent and his orbit have been seeking to paint these as invalid, suggesting that they can see the handwriting on the wall as clearly as the rest of us.

It's a great honor to fact-check Hannity here and to be able to say that, yes, he did give some correct information there. There has never been a do-over in a presidential election. This would be the first, certainly the first to go by that terminology.

But, you know what? Maybe. Maybe this will happen. Only a fool would feel comfortable dismissing anything out of hand at this point.