Sean Hannity Fed Up With New York Times Reporter Maggie Haberman

Kyle Koster
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Millions of Americans tune in during primetime and give Sean Hannity carte blanche to shape their worldview. Here's an example of what they see, pulled from last evening's show. The Fox News personality took aim at the New York Times' Maggie Haberman after the network's media-reporting division dug into the stats and discovered she writes about Donald Trump with far more frequency than she does Joe Biden. Which makes quite a lot of sense when one remembers she's perhaps the most thoroughly sourced reporter on all things Trump, who remains extraordinarily newsworthy with his promise to once again run for president in 2024.

Hannity, of course, had some journalistic advice for the Times scribe to take with several grains of salt. Or likely not at all as Haberman has been strongly defended by her outlet.

One truism across party lines: that when you go a long time without watching cable news, it's incredibly jarring to see what the big three are up to upon arrival. It's always illuminating how there's never a shortage of things to be outraged about at any given moment.

Hannity knows exactly what he's doing and his paychecks speak for themselves, yet it's a bit of a letdown to feel like his heart's not really in this one. The good/bad news is that there will be another opportunity tonight.