Sean Doolittle Opts Out of White House Visit With the Nationals

Ryan Phillips
Sean Doolittle
Sean Doolittle / Elsa/Getty Images

Sean Doolittle will not be joining his Washington Nationals teammates when they are hosted at the White House on Monday. The man who closed out Game 7 of the World Series is opting out of showing up after long being active on social issues that don't align with the current occupant of the White House.

Last year the Boston Red Sox left it up to players to decide whether or not they wanted to attend the White House visit. All of the team's minority players opted out in a protest against Donald Trump. Doolittle is the first name we know from the Nationals who won't be attending.

Doolittle is incredibly active on social media and has been outspoken on numerous social issues -- like LGBT rights, allowing Syrian refugees into the country and more. It's not shocking that he would opt out of a visit to the White House.

I'm pretty sure Doolittle will be fine skipping it, he's been busy with other stuff: