Seahawks Get Screwed as Refs Ignore Blatant Pass Interference Penalty by the Rams

Stephen Douglas

The Los Angeles Rams beat the Seattle Seahawks, 20-17, on Tuesday night. The Rams again benefited from an incredible no-call on what was an obvious and blatant pass interference penalty. Trailing by seven with under four minutes remaining the Seahawks faced 4th and six from midfield. Russell Wilson floated a pass to DeeJay Dallas who hacked by Ernest Jones.

No flag was thrown until Dallas kicked the football in frustration, drawing a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. The Rams got one first down and kicked a field goal to put the game away.

There will be plenty of comparisons to the Rams getting a similar non-call in the NFC Championship game about three years ago.

Not quite the same stakes, but man, oh man, what a horrendous job by the officiating team.